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Gebil Beal Meranet (Official Video)

Yusuf Hamid – Gebil Beal Meranet (Official Video)

Sound Rec. MKS 569700 September 3, 2016

  • Gebil Beal Meranet (Official Video)

    Yusuf Hamid -

  • Yusuf Hamid -


The instrumentation and rhythms found in “Access Denied” are inventive and refreshing. This can be highlighted by the use of a syncopated cowbell over a 4/4 groove in the middle of the track. The cowbell is unexpected, as is the syncopation, and the execution is perfect. It’s a great track,

Much like the rest of the tracks, after a couple of repetitions of the opening riff, it explodes with energy. An offbeat drum makes you nod your head up and down whilst a harsh synth sound causes you to screw your face up like ‘oh man, this is good’.


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